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"Here’s the lesson for parents: All that money that you spent over the years for individual lessons, summer travel programs and fitness training isn’t coming back. But even if the investment only guarantees a spot on the high school team, it’s money well spent."

Mike Dougherty, The Journal News November 12, 2015



Bright Side Lacrosse, LLC is a sports training company for lacrosse players seeking success. Players gain experience at camps, seasonal clinics, private lessons, video training, and team training. Since 2010 our players have reached D1 schools. More importantly, non-profit events such as equipment donations have expanded to Philadelphia and its Western Suburbs.

Bright Side Lacrosse Camps are designed to teach the lacrosse skills needed for success. Players build confidence from individualized instruction and team strategy. Skills are taught by seasoned coaches according to each position in the areas of passing, shooting, dodging, and checking. Our camps provide the knowledge to new players and players with experience. Brightside places a large emphasis on sportsmanship. Furthermore, each player is encouraged to have fun and learn.


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Our staff, both past and present, are seasoned coaches, elite college players, or certified officials. We use professional knowledge, assessment, curriculum, and instructional strategies. 

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