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Port De Cotonou



Stick Tricks!






L'Etole Rouge (The Red Star)

Cotonou, Benin - West Africa



Private Lesson

Lessons provide the individualized instruction to focus on specific skills. Private lessons are among our most popular service, and are offered in packages of 1, 3, or 5 sessions. Stick Tricks! 


Camps are offered in the spring and summer. Each camp features daily and weekly awards and places a strong emphasis on sportsmanship.






Learn the proper checks and techniques from Bright Side Lacrosse. This video is shot with our Go Pro Hero 3 technology to provide a "virtual perspective". 





Shoot on the Run

Just some pointers on how to attack the alley dodge. Accelerating through a dodge and attacking the alleys makes life easy at the midfield position.


Learn how to shoot like Bhelly Bagbonon in this GoPro Hero 3 Virtual Lesson. Partnered with Repetition Lacrosse to bring you a dynamic shooting drill for "goalscorers".

Wall Ball

Find your Wall. The wall can be your friend if you put the time in to improve your stickskills. Train like Bhelly Bagbonon in the offseason and experience the results. 

Split Dodge

Learn to split dodge and shoot like a pro. Protect your stick and explode through the dodge.

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